Olympian Diet

Have you ever wondered, just what is it that women Olympians eat while they are in training? I know I have and I’m going to take a wild guess that you have too. Women olympians have to be fast, strong, and have an extremely high level of endurance; so just what are their diets to help them along the way?

I know that, personally, whenever I pictured an olympian in training, I always had this image in my head of plates and plates of proteins (meat, eggs, milk), or, in the far other corner and eating nothing at all.

But through exclusive interviews with two olympian women, Glamour Magazine has brought us the inside scoop on just what these women eat during training season. And, like myself, a few of these items may be a little surprising to you.

Name: Julia Mancuso, Alpine Skier


Breakfast: Protein Powder and Coconut Water Smoothie

Snack: Almonds and Avocado

Lunch: Lean meat, veggies, and brown rice

Snack: Chocolate Protein Shake

Dinner: Sushi, or, lean meat, veggies, and brown rice

Name: Emily Cook, Freestyle Aerialist Skier


Breakfast: Oatmeal with flax and nuts. Coffee and orange juice

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on a spinach wrap with a piece of fruit

Snack: Energy Bar

Snack: Core Power Vanilla Drink

Snack: Almonds and Fruit

Dinner: Large Salad with quinoa, veggies, and either, salmon or tofu.

So, are anyone here even a little surprised? I know I was a little surprised when I heard that the girl eats sushi!

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