Pregnancy Weight Shaming

        Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen, or at least, that’s what my grandmother tells me. But in taking part of this beautiful part or life, many of us seem to forget that not every part of pregnancy is rainbows, sunshine, and sugar plums. Most if the time, if not every time, pregnant can have a seriously “off-putting” side to it that expected mother must go through. There’s swollen ankles, puffy faces, and the all to familiar, weight gain. Now, I’m not saying that these things are bad or should be viewed as ugly, they are simply a part of the process.
      And yet, like most things in life, celebrity women are immune to the understanding that it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy. It has been a common thread that women who are in the spot light are being judges based on the amount of weight that they gain during pregnancy. It has even become a composition of sorts between the new mothers on who can lose the baby weight the fastest. This newest, controversial, trend is unfair to expecting mothers because they should not be judges by what is natural for their bodies.
     Not only are these women being unfairly judged, but they are being judged harshly. And yet, the saddest thing about this new trend is that it is seen as acceptable to the public.
     The most recent account of this insulting trend is seen through the supposedly pregnant Mila Kunis. The Black Swan actress and her boyfriend, Aston Kutcher, are said to be expecting their first child, due this summer. Rather then congratulate the mother to be, the tabloids first route of action is to talk about her weight. A certain magazine wrote that she has already gained ten pounds, while they write how Kutcher is excited to be a father. Now, call me sensitive, but I don’t think that the first thing we should mention about an expected mother is her weight gain. And why is it that the man gets applauded, while the woman is ridiculed for not staying in her skinny jeans?
     The popularity of judging the weight of expected mothers have been made “fun” through Kim Kardasian’s pregnancy. As most of you already know, Kim Kardasian and Kanye West have recently welcomed the newest edition of their daughter, North West, to the family. But, the pregnancy was far from happy and liberating, as a pregnancy should be. Instead, the tabloids and media talked more about Kim’s weight gain then the actual baby. They were harshly calling her names like, “fat”, “whale”, “blubber”, and “shamue” among other names.
       The worst part was the fact that everyone took enjoyment in who could come up with the most creative, aka meanest, nickname.
     Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy and momentous occasion for women. Yet, unfortunately, through our warped views and cruel humor, society is creating unneeded pressures for soon to be mothers to stay skinny. This new controversial trend must stop before it caused some serious psychological, and potential physical, damages to the mother and child.

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