There is just nothing better in this world then a nice plate of delicious Italian food, simplistic ambiance, and soft music playing in the background. No, I’m not talking about your mama’s or grandmother’s house, I’m talking about a certain fabulous restaurant. Sssh! Don’t yell, you don’t want your mama or grandma to find out that they are losing a mouth to feed!

Puglia’s, a remarkable Italian restaurant located on 987 Stewart Ave, Garden City, New York, is the only place you should be when you’re in the mood for great Italian food.


This family owned restaurant takes simplicity and tradition and combines them together to make one amazing restaurant. The recipes are the same ones that you have seen in your grandmother’s cookbook when you were a little child and are just as delicious; perhaps, even more. Taking the motto of authentic Italian cooking, where less always mean’s more, Puglia’s keeps their dishes simple and tasty.

In following the menu, Puglia’s décor is beautiful and simple with dark wooden polished furniture, white clothed tables, and stunning crystals, the Puglia restaurant evokes feeling of calmness. The restaurant is great for any occasion; whether it’s family events, a quiet dinner with a few friends, or a romantic date with a loved one.


Puglia is a great, family run, Italian restaurant who have mastered the three most important keys when it comes to Italian cooking…

Food, Friends, & Family

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