Good Boyfriend

For as long I can remember, young girls have been kind of looked down upon by the rest of society. It’s not that young girls are seen as bad, not at all, but they are usually seen as “not the brightest of the bunch”.  Now, before you start writing those comments, let me just tell you why I feel this way through my own experiences.

As a young girl it was normal for me to get told, “Just sit back and look pretty”. This simple line was said to me by multiple male, and at times, female role models: my parents, siblings, a number of friend’s family members, and even a teacher. It’s not that I was a stupid child, quite the opposite, but these people just always thought that I had nothing important to say.


And one of the main topics that young girls are taught that they had business in talking about is dating. I remember being told that I was to young, to inexperienced, and to “air-headed” to have any real opinion on dating or men.

But these two young sisters,  Brooke and Blaire Daniels, decided to go against the stereotype, and together created a list of 31 rules for being a good boyfriend and, may I say, they are very accurate. Read this great list and see which ones are true to your experience with men.

Warning: The similarities between the list of little girls and yourself may be shocking.

What makes a good boyfriend?

  1. Nice hand writing
  2. Cutness
  3. Likes parents
  4. Not living with parents
  5. Good manners
  6. Good artist
  7. Dresses well
  8. Takes you to nice places
  9. Nice place
  10. Likes/Wants children
  11. Nice Jewelry
  12. Listens
  13. Doesn’t pick nose
  14. No kissing on first date
  15. Marry someone who respects you
  16. Smart
  17. Good cook
  18. Has a good job
  19. Always happy
  20. Cleans
  21. Respects other religions
  22. Last name isn’t weird
  23. Very fun
  24. Makes you laugh
  25. Eat healthy
  26. Takes care of body
  27. Does’t tattle-tale
  28. Brushes teeth and floss
  29. Likes your job
  30. Takes care of pets
  31. Doesn’t smoke

So, ladies, which ones of these are on your current list of what you think an ideal boyfriend would be? Be sure to leave a comment below telling us your numbers!

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