Beauty is Pain

Lets all be honest here, being a woman means that your life is one long painful experience. It seems that everything that makes us women, also brings us pain. We have the painful childbirths, the uncomfortable and painful monthly visits, and, lets be real here, most women feel pain in every part of their bodies, at one point or another.

Bottom line, being a woman is one painful job.


And yet, it is a popular belief that men are tougher then women and can endure much more pain. Most if the men who follow this belief claim that they can, not only endure the pain better, but also they can do it in silence and for longer amounts of time.

Well, sorry to burst you self inflated bubbles men, but I can give you two examples o the spot of just how far from the truth that really is. According to a study in University Bath, they found that women’s bodies feel pain much more strongly then men, due to their nervous systems, and feel the pain for longer periods of time. My other proof that women can endure more pain is this video.

            Yet, even with all the pain given to us by Mother Nature, we still choose to endure pain that we inflict on ourselves on almost a daily basis. That pain, ladies, is our beauty regime. Now, I don’t care what you say, each beauty regime has at least one area to it that is either painful or just plain uncomfortable.  But, as our mother’s always told us, “Beauty is pain, darling, beauty is pain”

Painful Beauty#1

  • Hair Removal


Whether it’s plucking, waxing, laser, or threading, it all comes down to the same painful thing. You are ripping hair out of entire areas of your skin.

Painful Beauty #2

  • Chemical Peals


A chemical peal is exactly what it sounds like. A chemical is rubbed onto your face, where is will cause the skin to blister and peel off. In other words, you are choosing to give your face a second/third degree burn.

Painful Beauty #3

  • Weight Loss Methods


Losing weight can be hard, tiring, and down right painful. According to an article in Daily Mail, women are now having pieces of cloth sewn onto their tongues. This makes it so that it is too painful to eat solid foods.

Painful Beauty #4

  • Brazilian Waxing


This doesn’t go under hair removal because it deserves a section all to it’s own. We let strangers see us practically spread eagle on a table and then allow them to rip a patch of hair off of the most sensitive part of the body. Oh ya, and we pay them to do it.

Painful Beauty #5

  • Manicure and Pedicures


Getting a mani and pedi can be a very relaxing experience. But I do not know of a single woman who enjoys the part where they practically rip out your entire cuticle line.

So boys, do you still think women can’t take pain?

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