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The best thing about beauty is that it is always reinventing itself. Beauty changes, grows, evolves, and at some points, even disappear all together. Beauty is never boring because, most of the times, it changes every single season; so not only are you getting new ideals of beauty coming to you in a constant stream, but you are getting these ideals are a regular basis. Can’t really beat that, huh?

Take the Fall 2013 makeup trends as an example. The biggest makeup trends during that season was wine colored lips, dark cat eyes, and textured red lips. The trends were edgy, mysterious, and just plain stunning. Now that we are in the Spring 2014 season, the makeup trends have taken a completely new direction. In our current season we are seeing subtle pink lips, whites eyeshadows, and light greens; the polar opposite of the Fall season.

Basically, the message is that makeup trends change at such a fast rate, that it can even switch completely from simply the season before.

Yet, even with new makeup trends constantly coming, seemingly just as fast as old ones leaving, there is still that question that is hanging over everyone’s head…

“What products are exactly the best for the job?”

Sure, we are told what makeup trends we should be following this year, fashion magazines and sites such as this one make sure of that, but it’s rare that we find out which products give you the best chance at perfecting these trends. Because, lets face it, there’s nothing easy about choosing between dozens of different white eyeshadows that look to be the same exact color.

Refinery29, a great fashion site that everyone should take a peak at, has composed a list of some of the top products that are currently on the market for “Best Achievement”. And get this, most of them are actually affordable!

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  1. Awesome articles! I appreciate you putting up this site. It has been my go to fashion source since last year. Keep up hem articles coming 🙂

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