Valentines Day: Single Stye

Well, it’s finally here, and about time if I am so bold to say! Valentines Day has been one big thorn in my side for the past month. With questions, such as, “Are you sending a candy gram to anyone?”, “Do you have a boy in mind to make plans with?”, “Aren’t you excited for Valentines Day?” constantly being thrown my way, I have had enough. But what’s worst then getting asked these annoying, and personal questions, are the reactions I get when I tell people what I plan to do on Valentines Day.

This year I will not be spending it was a “special boy”, as my nana would put it, nor will I even attempt to look for one. No, this year I have decided to go into the city with my sister, a few other single friends, and have some fun. Our group shall take NYC Sex and the City style!


My reason for making a point to venture out into the “Couple’s Utopia” of New York? Well, the main reason is because I’ve had enough of reading article after article about things for singles to do on Valentines Day that only consist of what to do inside their own house. As though a single person is banned from being seen in public during a couple’s centered holiday. Here is just one example of these kind of articles, The Single Girl’s Valentin Day, it consisted of pinning after a guy from afar, buckling down and asked a guy friend, and staying at home. some choices, huh?

So, my friends and I have decided to go against these so-called guides that we have been given and are venturing out into the world of paper hearts, pink cupcakes, and over priced pre-fixed menus. And by the look of other businesses, we are not the only ones! Checkout some of these great things to do as a single woman on Valentines Day, and get this, they aren’t embarrassing!

  • Party at the Culture Club


The venue has been reserved exclusively for the party, so everyone there will be unattached. Drink specials include $5 beer, wine and well drinks til midnight. Ladies, use promo code VDAYLADIES to pay only $10 for your ticket. Gents, use promo code VDAYGENTS to pay only $20 for your ticket. 

More Information

  • Drink at Bar7even5ive


From 8 pm – midnight, the bar will have its very own “Cocktail Cupid” serving the night’s signature drink, The Wrecking Ball – comprised of strawberry simple syrup, Ketel One, fresh lime juice and champagne. Guests that spot someone they like, can purchase The Wrecking Ball drink from the Cocktail Cupid, who will personally deliver it while discreetly pointing out who the admiring sender is. 

More Information 

  • Anti-Valentine’s Vander Bar


Romance protestors will gather at The Roosevelt Hotel’s Vander Bar on February 14 to indulge in an anti-love menu including “Love Bites” appetizers and “Love Stinks, Let’s Drink” shots. Available all night, specialty cocktails and select bottles of wine are half price and complimentary wine tastings will be offered. The festivities will take place on Thursday, February 14 from 3 p.m. to close. Happy hour runs from 3 – 6 p.m. with $4 draft beers, $6 wines, $8 cocktails and $5 appetizers.

More Information

  • Ladies Night Havana Central


Make February 13th a ladies’ night out at Havana Central. From 8-10 PM, order up pitchers of “Get Your Mojo Going Mojitos” and “Sauce It Up Sangria” while you dig into unlimited empanadas and churros. As an added bonus, a cigar-rolling specialist will be on hand to help you learn to roll like a pro and entertain your stogie-loving friends.

More Information

  • Club Element Masque 


This year, you’ll have to wait until March 10th for the annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Masque/Endless Night Vampire Ball of New York. Mingle with vampires, burlesque dancers, artists, fetishists, drag queens, fashionistas, goths, steampunks,and other open-minded sorts with flair for costume. Admission is $16.66 per person, $30 for a couples ticket. 

More Information


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