Hurricane Grill

So, I heard you want some good wings, huh? Well, I guess you could try calling up one of those pizza places and try to force on of their wings down; bet you won’t even get past the first one. Or, you can always try to make them yourself at home, but the again, who really wants to deal with setting their kitchen on fire. I know I don’t.

So I guess this only leaves us with this option, also known as, the BEST option!


For great wings, and other amazing food, come by and visit Hurricane Grill and Wings. Located along the Hempstead Turnpike of Levittown, New York, Hurricane Grill and Wings is a great casual dining place offering some pretty damn good food.

Offering over 30 different flavors in wings, it has already gained high recognition from the media and has won awards for their mouthwatering wings. But the Hurricane Grill and Wings didn’t just stop at wings, thank the heavens, they went onto creating recipes, such as Teriyaki Grilled Salmon, Southwestern Ranch Burgers, and so much more.


The Hurricane Grill and Wings is laid back, fun, and casual. There’s nothing stopping it from being your next hangout and night out, go-to!

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