Get My Good Side

When we were younger, okay who am I trying to kid, when we were out in the city with friends yesterday, my sister would always want to stand on her left side while taking a picture. This is nothing new and she has been taking pictures on her left side since she was in junior high, single hand on hip and all. I never gave much thought until why she always wanted to be pictured on her left, but that is, until I saw pictures of her on her right side. They are a world of a difference.

When you hear, “Wait! Wait! I need to get on my good side”, this desire is more then wanting to be difficult, but there is more reason behind it.

ImageA Turkish photographer, Eray Eren, has released his mind blowing collection, titled “Asymmetry”, to show that angles me everything. The photographer presented his portraits as triptychs- a piece of art that is divided into three different sections.

“The project, titled Asymmetry, explores just how different – and perhaps better – a person would look, were they to have symmetrical faces that mimicked either side”, report My Modern Met.


Each of the panels feature a forward facing model. The portrait on the far left is of an untouched model, while the far right and center portraits are an adapted version of the original piece. The photographer cut the model’s face in half and put the each side in a symmetric standing. Meaning, that he paired the right side to the right side and the left side to the left side, creating a perfectly mirrored image.

The difference between the mirrored images, and even between the mirrored and untouched image, is absolutely unbelievable. Though they are all of the same model, all three of the images are completely different. There are even times when the model looks outright alien like.


“While matching eyebrows and symmetrical lips and teeth may make someone more attractive-looking; matching moles, spots, and hair can appear bizarre and alien. Some appear almost unchanged between left and right, other subjects’ composites resemble almost totally different people.”

But in the end, though most of us may favor a certain side when posing for a picture, many feel that the untouched portrait was the best out of all three. It gives us a sense of softness, yet allowed the stronger features to come through, allowing us to have the perfect combination of facial structures.

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