Cellphone Charity

There’s simply no denying that we live in a society that’s borderline obsessed with cellphones. Just think, have you ever tried to pry a cell phone from someone’s hand? It got very scary, very fast, didn’t it?

Cellphones have evolved into being seen as necessities, rather then luxury items, and have even grown to become emotional attachments. What would you do without your cellphone? You use it for work, you use it to communicate with loved ones, it’s your camera and quick access to the internet.

The cellphone is a portable laptop that has the ability to fit in your back pocket and, lets be honest now, who wouldn’t want one of those on hand?

Now, going against the popularity of cellphones, is Giorgio Armani. 


The italian fashion designer is taking part in the UNICEF’s Tap Project; an organization dedicated to supplying impoverished children with clean water. This will be the fifth year that Armani has taken part in the Tap Project, with much success in the previous four years. 

According to Glamour magazine, your participation is as easy as it gets. No really, trust me when I say that it can’t get any easier then this to help out someone in need.


“This is how you can help: Pick up your smartphone and head over to UNICEFTapProject.org. The challenge? Now put your phone down and don’t touch it for 10 minutes. If you can leave it untouched for the entire time, Giorgio Armani will donate money to pay for one day’s worth of safe water for a child in need.”

This reminds me of “Digital Life Sacrifice” campaign that took place in 2010 for World AID’s Day. Where celebrities vowed to disconnected themselves from all forms of social media until a million dollars was raised to help those suffering from the illness. The campaign made headlines when the celebrities released photos of them playing dead in caskets. 


Cellphones have a way of making people pay attention, they help you to communicate, to hold memories, and to spread messages. So help the children to gain water, something that we take for granted everyday, and keep off those phones!


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