Sleeping Beauty Makeup

You come home three in the morning from a night out with the girls. You’re tired, stumbling in those five inch high heals that you swore to yourself you would learn how to waltz in, and let’s face it, you are just a little tipsy. The night was exciting, it was fun, and it was just plain old exhausting. But, hey, you wouldn’t trade it back for the world and if you’re being honest with yourself, you are probably just going to do it next weekend.

Catch up on your addictive series on Netflix during the week. Don’t worry, I’m sure McDreamy can wait until Monday for you to put him on.

Because the weekends are for going out and having fun with your friends. Getting a little crazy and experiencing new and exciting things. But like all things that are fun and wild, there’s a little bit of a price that comes with it…

You are always to tired to take off your makeup. Don’t give me that look, I know that you have left your makeup on at least a handful of times. Now sit back and picture a world, a beautiful, perfect world, where the makeup didn’t have to come off.

Well, I can’t give you all the sleepable makeup, but I can show you a few that have recently just hit the market. These makeups are sleep in safe and, get this, you won’t have to worry about waking up with a zit.

  •  BareMinerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment


Not only does this mineral powder not clog your pores, but it helps to even skin tone, approve skin texture, and lessens the appearance of pores. This makeup product helps your beauty sleep to work that much better.


  • LashDip


This semi-permenant mascara treatment comes with all the benefits of mascara and not of the down fall. The mascara treatment will keep your lashes long and curled, while at the same time not flaking off on your face. Lasting for 6 weeks, this treatment is on the pricier side of things.

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  • CoverGirl OutLast Lip Stain


You have probably already seen these at your local drug/department stores. But did you know that these little lip stains are great for sleeping in? The OutLast Lip Stain absorbs into the top layer of your lip, giving you the “Snow White” look without the smudging and artificially looking color. It’s a natural beauty enhancer.

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