Fashion & Food

Food seems to be on the minds of most this seasons.

There was that hoax about how endless mimosa brunches were illegal in New York; a hoax that I happily proved to be untrue last Sunday and still have the “this was so worth it” hangover to prove my dedication to the New York tradition. There is the Atlantic City restaurant week going on from March 2nd to March 8th and the NYC restaurant week(s) going on from February 17th to March 7th, both of which, have boasted amazing and delicious dishes from every type of cuisine under the sun. And lets not forget all of the hype about seaweed and how it’s said to be the golden key to weight loss.


All in all, food has been on the minds of most in the past month and, lets be honest everyone, can we really blame them?

In the fashion industry, food has played a vital role in the up and coming trends. These trends are fashionable, chic, and a teensy bit controversial. So who doesn’t want to have food on the brain? Because, hey, it simply makes the world a more delicious place.


Taking the fashion industry by controversial storm was Moshino’s Winter 2014 fashion show that took place on February 20th. The italian fashion line took the runway with pieces inspired by various junk food items, such as, cheetos, hershey’s chocolate, and fruit loops. Moshino made headlines with their pieces that was inspired by McDonalds, using their own “M” as a replica for their signature golden arches. The fashion icon was criticized by McDonald’s worker about how minimum wage was used as a joke in the fashion industry; the Moshino representatives have not responded to any questions.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, we branch away from junk food and jump head first into the world of produce. Fruit to be exactly! Debuted on March 1st was Tsumori Chisato’s fruit inspired fashion during the Paris Fashion week. The Japanese born fashion designer was inspired by the tropical patterns and 80’s style sophistication; using patterns of monkeys, parrots, and gorillas. But what was most eye catching about Tsumori Chisato’s Winter fashion line were the signature banana hats that were worn by the majority of their models.

Fashion and food are two amazing things, so why not make them spectacular and put them together? The only thing that I feel would make those banana hats better would be if they were edible. And dipped in chocolate, yes, definitely dipped in chocolate…

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