Break Fashion Rules

The judgement of fashion trends have always been a part of society. And despite the arguments of some, these “rules of fashion” have been going on for centuries, if not thousands of years. Fashion dos and don’ts played a major role in the court of the Tudor dynasty; where the action of wearing a Spanish hood as a lady of the court, while monarchy was in an alliance with France, could cause speculation and lead to trouble. 

Though this may be a bit of an extreme example, it goes to show that fashion has always been part of a society where unspoken rules are meant to be followed. During modern times this could be led by example of the hit television shows, TLC’s “What Not To Wear” and E!’s “Fashion Police”. 

Whether you are a self-proclaimed fashionista or someone who only wears clothes because they are required to by law, the unspoken list of fashion rules are still taken into consideration every time you get dressed. It has come to the point in our society where we no longer make conscience decisions of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ to wear; our society influenced instincts seem to make those decisions for us. 

But who is to say what is a fashion do or a fashion don’t. Where in all actuality, some of the main offenders of the worst dressed list are actually some of the most beautifully dressed. We need to branch away from those unspoken rules of fashion and I have no qualm in taking the jump.

  • White To Weddings


Now before you ladies start getting on that white cocktail dress to your friend’s wedding, STOP! You should never be fully dressed in white to a wedding, but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing a single white garment. If you are attending a wedding, it is acceptable to wear a white blouse or a piece of white jewelry. White is the color of elegance, so why not wear elegance to an elegant occasion?

  • TurtleNecks


Whenever I wear a turtleneck, which is not to be mistaken with a cowl neck, the comments are always the same: “Going for the nerd look, I see?” and, my favorite, “So, you decided to join the Amish, huh?” Turtle necks have a misconception of being older, strict, and humorless. But with a long necklace or a bright belt, turtle necks have the ability to transform into a fashion must have.

  • Fashion Glasses


The golden rule of fashion is to make every piece that you wear come together in perfect harmony. Aka, if you wear an item that makes people double guess the “characteristic” of your outfit, then you shouldn’t be wearing it. Glasses are the perfect example of a fashion piece that has the power to “wrap up” an outfit. It doesn’t matter if you have perfect vision, if a pair of glasses can make your outfit top notch, then what’s stopping you from throwing them on?

  • Clear Heals


Clear heals have had a bad reputation of being the shoes of hookers, stripers, street walkers, pretty much any person who works in the sex industry. But when worn the right way, they can pull the outfit together with a touch of sexiness. The best way to pull of clear heals is to wear them with long pants and a modest top. Rule of thumb: For every sexy piece, you must have a modest piece. 

  • Color Combinations


Okay, I don’t know where the rule of “no red and pinks” and “no blue and blacks” came from, but it needs to stop. There is nothing wrong with these two color combinations, absolutely none, nadda, ziltch, zero. Just don’t say no. 

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