Vogue & Domestic Violence

I like to think of Vogue as being the Kate Middleton of the magazine world.

They are both elegant, universal, timeless, let’s not forget fashionable, and above all, they have the ability to wield and influence more power than anyone else in the world.


Vogue has the power to influence what clothes you will be stocking your closets with the next season, which pair of boots you will spend your entire paycheck on, and of course, which piece of jewelry you will chuck in the trash because it is “so last year”.

But it’s not breaking news that Vogue is a major influence on our fashion choices, that connotation has been around since the magazine’s debut, but it’s the influence it wields in terms of other subjects that gives this fashion powerhouse it’s power.

Unfortunately, though, these subjects are not always as pristine and fun as the fashion of Vogue. At times they can be ugly, mind twisting, and above all, dark.


In its April issue, Vogue Italia, released a magazine said to be glamorizing domestic violence. The images were of female models, beautifully dressed in the highest of fashions, who were seen to be bloodied, bruised, and terrified.

What makes these images even more disturbing was the fact that you had to take a second, perhaps even third glance to realize that it was a portrayal of domestic violence. Thus, causing an eerie feeling because it portrays the true life of abused women in the reality of where most people don’t see the signs until it’s right in front of their face. Perhaps, even then, they may have to take a second and third look.

When looking at these images your eye will go straight to the woman in pain, be it she’s on the stairs or at the foot of them, but then your eyes go to the angry or disturbed looking man in the back ground and this is when everything clicks. This was not just any fashion shoot that consisted of blood, they’ve done that before with little criticism, but this goes deeper into domestic violence.


When asked about the shoot, and why did he choose to glamorize the issue of domestic violence, the editor of Vogue Italia made the statement that his main goal was to spread the word about the horrors of domestic violence, not to glamorize the subject.

Whether or not you believe that this was the editor’s main goal, or whether he did it in the correct way, we must also look at the outcome. The whole point of putting something in the media, whether it’s a magazine, newspaper, or even twitter, is so that a message is heard.

Now, go and look up Vogue domestic violence and count how many links it gives you. It’s a lot, huh? Well, whether you agree with the way the editor did it or not, the message of domestic violence still got spread like wild fire on a Milan runway.

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