Coconut Blast

Coconut is all the rage and seems to be the center of any foodie and health nut conversation.

After being featured on the Dr.Oz show, it has been advocated as a super food of health. So much so, that I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the claim that the majority of you guys currently have  a bottle of coconut oil tablets in your cabinet as we speak. Or. you have at least contemplated picking up a bottle when passing the vitamin aisle in you local drug store.

When not thinking about taking coconut oil in a pill, you’ve probably have used it as an exterior beauty tool. Seen the countless YouTube video of DIY coconut oil face lotions, hair mask, and of course, lip smoothers. You’ve probably already taken the trip to your nearest Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and picked up one of those oversized jars of organic coconut oil. You’ve probably even wondered how the heck you’re supposed to use it as a hair or face mask when that white stuff is hard as rock. 

But even with all the supplements, health benefits, DIY beauty tips and tricks that come with coconut oil, there’s still nothing better then using it the old fashion way and cooking with it. Said to be eye to eye with olive oil’s health benefits, another super oil,coconut oil is a great way to add health, taste, and uniqueness to any of your dishes. 

  • Lemon Coconut Bar



  • Coconut Creamsicle Cocktail



  • Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing



  • Coconut Cream Pie French Toast



  • Coconut Curried Quinoa Cauliflower 



  • Coconut Flake Muffins


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