Beauty Oils

Do you have face wash? Face scrub? Face lotion? Leave in conditioner? Acne treatments? Those weird and colorful bottles that you’ve shoved into your medicine cabinet because you bought them on a whim after reading how they will revolutionize the way you think of beauty?

That’s what I thought….

Well, each and every one of those products contains chemicals in them. You know, the products that you’re supposed to put on your skin EVERY DAY and sometimes twice.

Now, I’m not about to go preaching to you about nature and going a la natural, because I like my vanilla bean body scrub just as much as the next girl. But I do believe that we have been neglecting the very beauty products that have been used for thousands of years.

That’s right, ladies. I’m talking about oils!

Almond Oil

Oil of almond nuts
Oil of almond nuts

Sweet and nutty, almond oil is essential for the Fall and Winter. Almond oil is great for removing dead skin and preventing new dead skin from forming.It’s great for smoothing out those ashy elbows and moisturizing your even your dryest areas.

Orange Oil


Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh oranges? Orange oil is great for lightening under eye dark circles and acne scars. This is due to the orange oil’s high level of vitamin C, nature’s best lightning trick. Just dab a few drops and gently rub it into the problem area. Vola!

Neem Oil


Hailed as the India’s best kept beauty secret, neem oil is amazing for those at home manicure and pedicures. Due to neem oil’s high level of fatty acids, it helps to moisturize cuticles and heal those cracked heels (The price we pay for living in heals!)

Pomegranate Seed Oil 


Like the juice, pomegranate oil can boast multiple benefits! A little tart in scent, pomegranate oil is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants. This dual combination is ideal for protecting the skin from free radicals and helping to slow the aging process of the skin. Now, who doesn’t want to look five years younger?

Coconut Oil


There’s a reason why grandmothers use the same beauty routine for decades. Cause if it’s ain’t broken, baby girl, don’t fix it! Coconut oil is a classic element for natural beauty routines. High in fatty acids (M.U.F.As) and lauric acid, coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers mother nature can offer. Whether you apply a dab in your hair to make it shine or rub a little on your lips, coconut oil is versatile, affordable and tasty!

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