Sweater Weather

For those of you who live in New York, I’m guessing that you are just as shocked about the weather as the rest of us. Unlike the smooth transition from Summer to Fall that we had expected, the Fall chill came upon New York with a bang. As one of my friends joked, the Fall banged on the door like a crazy ex barges into a wedding. uninvited, unannounced, and, somewhat, expected.

That’s right, this Fall is like a crazy ex and you know how long those tend to stick around. So, arm yourself with your pumpkin spice lattes, knee high boots, and burgundy purses, cause it’s sweater weather.

Michael Kor’s Dark Camel Ponch


Express’s Circled Tunic Sweater


Clover Canyon’s Textured Turtleneck 


Anthropologie’s Embroidered Cardigan 


Banana Republic’s Fisherman’s Stitch


Remember ladies, it’s all about ponchos, textures, and neutral colors this season. Now go on and get that latte!


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