Matcha Treats

Hailed as the newest ‘Super Food’, matcha is popping up everywhere from the hipster cafes of Brooklyn to the old school ice cream parlours of the Lower West Side. Most popularly consumed in the form of a tea or latte, matcha has been fastly growing in popularity with the spreading news of the drink’s benefits.

So, what is matcha?

Matcha is a highly concentrated form of green tea. To be exact, many match lovers make the claim that matcha is said to be 10x more potent than green tea. This is due to the process in which the tea is harvested and produced. Unlike green tea, where the tea leaf is soaked in warm water, matcha is made with the ENTIRE tea leaf, thus making the tea much more potent then it’s green tea cousin.

But, like anything healthy, there are alway ways to naughty it up and transform it into a guilty pleasure! Here is a list of the best matcha indulgences of New York City.

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