Fall Makeup Trends

Though it’s essential for women to have their ‘go-to’ makeup routine. You know, the makeup that you’ve mastered over the years and have the ability to apply within seconds when rushing out of the house. For myself, that makeup routine consists of filling in my brows with a pencil, adding a dab of highlighter to the rims of my eyelids, and applying my favorite lipstick.

This is the makeup routine I use when there’s just no time in the morning for me to try anything new. Or, for me to run to the store to pick out more makeup.

But where would the fun in makeup be without trying out new things, all the while searching for that new ‘go-to’ routine? And what better way to try out new things, than to look towards the season’s trends? So, hold on to applying that cream blush and check out the best makeup trends of Fall.

Red Lipstick


After disappearing for the last few years in favor of both dramatically dark and nude lips, red lips have made themselves known once again. And how could they not? This retro styled color is both edgy and classy, giving any face an amazing the pop of color. Red lips are not just for Taylor Swift, anymore!

Black Eyeliner


Anyone who’s opened up a fashion magazine in the last three years knows that black eyeliner has been getting a bad-rap. Black eyeliner went from being the most fashionable makeup to apply, to being blacklisted as something that only goth and people that are clueless about makeup wore. Not anymore! Black eyeliner is back and it’s edgier than ever.

Powdered Pink Blush


With the temperature dropping and the winter approaching, blush is on the rise to becoming the secret weapon of women who are looking for that special touch. Firmly kicking bronzer and tinted moisturizer out of the makeup bag, a light pink blush can do wonders for bringing vibrancy to your face during this paling months. Tip! Due to the dryness of the cold weather, it’s best to use creamed blush to give your face an added dose fo moisture.

Metal Accents


Now, this makeup trend may not be for everyday use, but I just couldn’t resist mentioning it! Just add a few sparkles/glitter, aka ‘metal accents’, around either the rim or lid of your eyes. Be sure NOT to get the accents IN YOUR EYE. It’s never happened to myself before, but I’m guessing that it could be painful. Though this isn’t an everyday trend, those of you who wish to make a statement can apply the accents when going to a party or out on the town.

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