In the wake of the horrible attack upon Paris, I want to show others that Paris is still alive and fighting. It’s still a city with beauty and grace and more history than one could ever imagine. Though it’s experiencing hardship, the city of lights should not be forever known as a legacy of terrorism, but as Paris, one of the greatest cities in the world.

Crepe and Pastry Classes


There’s just nothing more Parisien than the crepe carts along the streets and a perfectly done pastry. For those of you who love to look, or perhaps wish to try something new, attend a pastry class. There are many to choose from in Paris and most classes are taught by top-notch pastry chefs who’ve spent decades perfecting the art. Just be sure to not eat all of the goodies before the end of class!  (Pastry Class)

Visit Versaille


Only a half an hour drive from Paris, the Palace of Versaille (Chateau de Versailles) is a must-see for anyone who loves history. Home to the last reigning French monarchs, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, visitors can enjoy a behind the seens look at the riches of the monarchy. Explore everything from the famous Hall of Mirrors to the Petit Trianon, from the Royal Bedchambers to the stunning gardens of Versailles (Palace Tours)

Explore the Catacombs 


For those of you who enjoy a good scare, venture down into the Catacombs of Paris. Believed to be the very entrance of Hell, the catacombs are the resting place to over six thousand bones and is the largest grave in the world. Alas, this grave isn’t your average cemetery. Entire walls are cased with the skulls of the dead and bones hand from the ceiling as almost warnings of what is to come. (Parisian Catacombs)

Attend a Cabaret


The cabaret performances of Paris are filled with more than high kicked can-can dances and corsets. Like the geishas in Japan, cabaret is seen as an art form in the city of lights. The dancers of cabaret are highly trained and have mastered the art of looking sexy without overdoing the feminine allure. Parisian cabaret performances are nightly events,where one can enjoy a delicious meal and perfect drinks while entertained by the cabarets. (Cabaret Events)


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