Makeup for Eye Types

We’ve all done it. You see a celebrity with amazing eye makeup and, the next thing you know, you’re watching a makeup tutorial on how to get the look. You go out a buy all of the makeup needed, even that overly priced eyeshadow pallet that you swear you’ll use every day, and follow the steps perfectly.

But, in the end, it looks just plain wrong. 

You don’t know what happened. You used all the right makeup and followed the steps to a T. You even added lotion to your eyelids, which you never do but know that you should. So, what went wrong?

You didn’t choose a makeup look that went with your eyes. Sure, that celebrity may have worn it to perfection, but I’m guessing her eyes are different than yours. Rule of thumb, always go by your eye shape!

Deep-Set Eyes


Best Eyeshadow Colors: Any colors with a light hue. You want to use light pinks, light beiges, and even a dust gold would look nice. Stay clear of any eyeshadows with hues of red or brown. Those colors will only add to the deepening effect of your eyes.

Best Tip: Always, I can not stress this enough, always add foundation on the area from your eyelid to your eyebrow. Over the foundation, at a highlighter along the bottom edge of your eyebrow. Doing this will help to bring out your eyes.

Protruding Eyes


Best Eyeshadow Colors: Darker colors work best with this type of eye. You want to use darker shades of colors, such as a dark dusty purple or a darker shade of pink. Be sure to steer clear of white or silver shadows. Those will do nothing but push your eyes out.

Best Tip: Liners are your best friend if you have protruding eyes. With a black or dark brown eyeliner, line the outer corner of your eyes and work your way to your inner corner.  To bring your eyes back in, be sure to fill in those eyebrows.


cortes de pelo 2014 medianos (8)

Best Eyeshadow Colors: Hooded eyes aren’t necessarily about what eyeshadow you choose, but where you apply that eyeshadow. For your eyelid, you want to choose eyeshadows with dark hues, while, for the area above it, you want to choose an eyeshadow with light hues.

Best Tip: The best thing for hooded eyes is doing a combination of dark and light shadows. The dark shadow of the eyelid gives the same illusion of having bigger eyes as eyeliner on the top lid, while the light shadow gives the illusion of a raised brow. People with hooded eyes should alway be sure to curl their lashes.



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