Winter Hair Care

Tis the season for hair care!

It’s not only your skin care that needs to change with every season or weather change, but your hair could greatly benefit from a tweak or two. With winter coming your hair will face coldness, added moisture (not the good kind) and more wind than the tip of Seattle. You may find your flat and kind of ‘gunky’, during the winter, so check out these great tips for keeping your hair beautiful.

Hair Oil Spray


While hair oils can weigh your hair down, hair oil sprays will keep your hair moisturized will still retaining volume. These are great for when your hair becomes dry due to the coldness, just add a few spritz to your hair and you’re good to go.

Silk Scarfs


With the coldness comes many, many hats. Sure, they’re absolutely adorable to wear, but they won’t make your hair cute. Due to their rough inner texture, most hats have a tendency to cause hair breakage. To fight this, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on that adorable hat.



The best way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful is to treat it from within. To grow beautiful hair during the winter months, or any month, be sure to take your omegas. While omega nutrients can be found in food, such as salmon and avocados, I personally love to get mine from tea mixed with coconut oil.

Hair Mask


I can not stress this enough. Everyone should do a hair mask once a week. Hair masks are great for adding moisture to your hair and help to prevent split ends, which are two tricks we need for the winter. While you can get a store bought hair mask at any local store, I find that homemade ones are the best route. Just combine an avocado with plain greek yogurt and honey and you are good to go.

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