Fashion Updates!

With all the craziness that has occurred this past week, from surviving your in-laws during Thanksgiving to fighting your way through the crowds of Black Friday, it’s easy to forget all the fantastic fashion news. The fashion world didn’t stop while you laid on your couch, comatose from turkey and sweet potato pie overload. It was in full swing and, boy, did we miss a bunch.

Kylie Jenner Lipsticks


Released November 30th, the youngest of the Kardashian clan can now boast a makeup line on top of her ever growing resume. The lip kit, titled KLK, has all the tools needed to perfect your pout, including a lip gloss, lip liner, and lipstick. The kit comes in three shades: Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K (notice the K trend?). Unfortunately, the lipsticks kit sold out within hours, and now, for a cool price of $6,000 you can buy the pack on eBay.

Nintendo Fashion Line


A gamer’s dream, the fashion powerhouse, Moschino, has debuted an entire fashion line inspired by Nintendo. Titled, “Super Maschino”, the line was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favorite Mario brothers. The line will incline bother clothes and accessories, featuring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, ad Toad. This wasn’t the first time Moschino spoke to our fun side. The designer also released a McDonalds inspired line, as well as one inspired by the child film, Space Jam.

Emma Robert Partners with App.


It was officially announced that actress Emma Roberts, who stars in both Scream Queens and American Horror Story, has partnered up with the fashion app, Covet Fashion. The app is a styling tool, which digitalized the collections over 150 of the hottest brands, and allows users to shop, style and purchase. As the first “Covet Host”, Emma Roberts will be created into an avatar, allowing users to style her look for a “Day in the Life of Emma Roberts” series. The actress will also be giving the app users some of her favorite styling tips.

Bloody Jewels


After that whole trend of showing your period pads and pant stains online – a ‘movement’ I still don’t get how was supposed to empower women- it’s no surprise that periods were the inspiration for a newly released jewelry line. Inspired by periods, PMS, period products, and menstruation, Lili Murphy-Johnson debuted the collection, title, On the Rag. The collection includes everything that Aunt Flo would be proud to wear, from safe ruby rings to risky beaded pendants that can be attached to a woman’s panties or behind. Aimed to show women that they should be comfortable with their periods in public, Murphy-Johnson’s jewelry line sure knows how to make a statement.

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