Natural Teeth Whitening

“I’m dreaming of a yellow Christmas….”

With all those gingerbread lattes and peppermint mochas we’ve been drinking, our teeth may be a little on the, dare I say it, yellow side. Sure, you brush your teeth twice a day, sometimes three times, while flossing and using mouthwash just as much, but your teeth just aren’t as snowy white as you want. For an added boost of whiteness and freshness, check out these little tricks.

Apply a Teeth Mask


To make this mask, mix together lemon juice and baking soda until you reach a paste-like consistency. Dab your teeth dry with a tissue or cloth before applying the lemon mixture to your teeth. Keep the mask on for no more than three minutes and rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water. This mask works great due to the bleaching properties found in both lemon juice and baking soda, making them the perfect partners for brightening your smile.

Chew Some Gum


That’s right, I said to chew gum. But I’m not talking about hubba-bubba or big red, I’m talking about ginger gum. Found in every Whole Foods and Fairway Market, ginger gum is a great way to keep your breath fresh. The reason for this is because ginger helps to destroy bad bacteria- the bacteria that causes rancid breath- while preventing new bacteria from forming. When purchasing, make sure that you only get the organic and all-natural versions and be sure not to get any gum that’s ‘ginger flavored’.

Pull with Coconut Oil


We all know what coconut oil pulling is ( unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few year and, in that case, you be you) and the benefits behind it.  With the coconut pulling method, you can rid your mouth of toxins and bacteria while gaining a hint of whiteness. As a bonus, this method is also said to lead to other health benefits brought on by removing the toxins, such as clearer skin, reducing headaches, and helping hormonal balance. To get directions on how to oil pull, click here.

Brush with Strawberries and Aloe Vera


Made popular by Zorro actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, brushing your teeth with strawberries is a great way to whiten your teeth. In an article by Now magazine, the actress revealed that brushing her teeth with a mashed strawberry was her secret weapon to her envied smile. The reason why the strawberry method is so effective is due to the fruit’s potency in malic acid, which acts as an astringent and lighten surface stains. For an even better smile, add a few drops of aloe vera oil to the mashed strawberry to protect them from further staining.

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