Secret Makeup Weapons

You got your lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and concealer. All the makeup ‘must-haves’ can be found in your beloved makeup bag, and in the color that’s both perfect for your coloring and season. But, while devoutly following the directions and advice of top makeup artists, may I be so bold as to say you’ve probably overlooked some great makeup finds?

Check out some of these secret makeup tools. You’ll wonder why they’ve been kept a secret for so long.

Eyeliner Stickers


For anyone who just can’t seem to apply liquid eyeliner – something that I’m guilty of – these stickers are a must have. It’s no secret that a swipe of top liner is the key to making your eyes look bigger and brighter, along with the added bonus of diminishing undereye circles due to the contrast, but applying that liquid is the hardest application of many makeup routines.  With these stickers, just place them on your eyelid on the rim of your lashes and, Violá, you got yourself a cat eye.

Loose Pigment Eyeshadow


With so many varieties of eyeshadows on the market, it’s hard to choose which is best. There’s cream shadow, eyeshadow rollers, liquid shadows, and, the classic, compact powder eyeshadows. What’s more, you have every color available to you. That is, every color except for the perfect one for you. This is where the beauty of loose pigment eyeshadow comes into play. With the loose pigments, you have the ability to mix multiple pigments to create your signature color. For best application, mix the loose pigment with melted coconut oil to give you eyelids extra moisture.

Lip Tar


Made popular on YouTube in 2013, Lip Tars were thought to be the next great lip makeup among makeup tutorials. Sadly, it seemed that the popularity of lip tar was reserved for only YouTube and disappeared within the year. However, to those who became lifelong fans of lip tar, it’s a head scratcher as to why more people aren’t stuffing their makeup bag with the stuff. Lip tars apply smoothly like gloss while having the long-lasting effects of lip stain and the bright pigments of lipstick. It’s the triple threat of the makeup industry.

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