Winter Trends

With the new year around the corner, the winter season is the year’s last chance to add some styles to its annual resume. There’s only two weeks left before the trends of 2015 become the trends of 2016, so it comes as no surprise that fashion has been pulling out all the stops to make 2015 one chic looking year.

Short Skirt and Knee High Combo


Fashion had never been the most practical of things, but it always looks good doing it. For this winter, brave the frigid temperatures and wear a short skirt, rather than those fleece legging we know you love so much, with your favorite boots. For those of you who can’t take the chill, pair this combo with some black stockings.

Robe Coats


While pea coats were all the rage in 2014, and leather the year before, this winter is dedicated to the robe coat. Made popular by Gigi Hadid –we all remember that gorgeous blue furred collared robe coat she rocked- robe coats are the comfortable cousins of the pea coats. Just as warm, while not being nearly as boxy, robe coats are perfect for any body shape.

Matching Shirt and Skirt


Perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the body of a Victoria Secret model, as well as   those who do, matching skirts and shirts help you to get an hourglass figure without any curve hugging. These shirt and skirt sets are mostly found rocking metallic prints – purple metallic roses and blue metallic geometric patterns – though more basic sets are being released.

Business Casual


No, we are not talking about casual Fridays, but the perfect blend between street-style and corporate. To create this look, pair your favorite graphic t-shirt with a form-fitting blazer while wearing either skinny jeans or dress pants. This look is great for when you want something just a little dressier when you’re running around performing everyday errands.

Pattern Sweaters


Rather you call them hipster styled, country chic, or my personal favorite, ugly winter sweaters, pattern sweaters are all the rage this winter. From department stores like Target and Walmart to high-end designers like Coach and Michael Kors, these sweaters are popping up everywhere. And why wouldn’t they be? Predicted to be one of the coldest winters of the century – last year’s winter was just Jack Frost warming up- these sweaters will keep you comfortable and toasty warm.

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