New Years Eve’s Preparation

When talking about New Years Eve, Jennerifer Lawerence dropped her realist( aka the most awesome) thought yet during her BBC interview with Graham Norton.

“I’ve never had a good one—Everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment —I always end up drunk and disappointed.”

So, as much as I believe most of us would rather stay in for New Years Eve with a glass of wine and holiday leftovers, the pull of the New Year’s magic always manages to pull us into that club. Now that you’re roped into wearing that little black dress and taking celebration shots, here are some tips to keep that mess drunk from coming out to play.

Eat a Piece of Bread 


At the risk of sounding like your mother when you first turned 21, the best way to handle alchol is to have a piece of bread or pack of pretzels before a night out. This could be done with any kind of carb-toast, pretzel, potatoes, pasta-but not fruit due to the high sugars. Believe it or not, the carbs really do ‘sope up’ the alcohol and prevent it from going drectly into your blood stream.

Avoid OTC Medication


Do not, under any circumstances, take any over the counter medications before going out for a night of drinkig. It doesn’t matter if you are going out with the mindset of ‘I’m just going to milk a cocktail’ or ‘SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS’, do not take any medication. Taking medication before, or during, drinking can cause stomach bleeding, permanent ulcers, and death. Don’t know about you, but that lemon drop is worth risking dropping dead.

Drink Water


One of the few wives tales that are 100% true, you should drink plenty of water before going out. And I’m not talking about a few sips on the way to the bar. I’m talking about having a glass of water every hour before going out. Drinking water before a night of drinking will keep your electrolytes in balance and help to your hydration up during all those bathroom trips brought on by alcohol.

Get Plenty of Rest


This is just going to be short and sweet! The rule of thumb is that, when going out for New Years Eve, don’t plan on being home until after 2am. So to better combat the tiredness, be sure to get plenty of sleep before going out. Aka, put your phone down and take a nap.


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