Watermelon Beauty

While Winter is the season for apples, persimmons, pears, and dated plums (aka, those dried plums in bins that are popping up in all major supermarkets), the summery watermelon is gaining popularity after a certain event.

Dubbed the first ‘symbol of 2016’, an image of a little boy eating a whole watermelon during a cricket game in Australia blew up the internet. That’s right. The kid ate the ENTIRE watermelon. The yummy pink flesh, that bitter white rind, and the green skin. Some even say the kid swallowed the seeds like a champ.

So, other than getting to enjoy a delicious watermelon during a hot sports game, the boy’s unknowingly enjoying one of Mother Nature’s best edible beauty product.

Moisturizing Skin


Due to watermelon’s extremely high water content (over 90%!) this fruit is a great way to hydrate your skin. This makes watermelon a great snack fro the winter months, which have a tendency to dry out our skin. *Note: Watermelon can also be used as a great face mask duw to it’s highly hydrating nature!*

Healthy Hair


Loaded up with many essential vitamins and nutrients, the watermelon can boast one of the highest amounts of vitamin A in fruits, along with a good amount of vitamin C (sorry, ladies, kiwis have the highest amount). The combination of vitamin A and C is great for adding shine and strength to your locks.



While we all know that flamigos are pink because of their hearty diet of shrimp, but have you ever wondered what makes a watermelon pink? Well that’s the lycopene. Not only is it giving a beautiful color, but lycopene is a powerful antioxidant great for the overall health of your body. Remember! A healthy body is a beautiful body.

Flat Belly


With having an extremely high water content, people seemed to have forgotten that watermelon is also a high fiber food as well. This is extremely important because a food that is high in water and high in fiber is a super recipe for getting yourself a flat belly. As we all know, water and fiber are an essential combo to getting things moving along. 


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