Crazy Cleanses

Ah, New Years Resolutions. The time for buying those overpriced gym memberships- along with expensive workout clothes that somehow manage to cost twice as much as your business clothes – as well as eating salads with more vegetables in it than your grandmother’s garden.


The month following New Years has the internet filled with memes of empty bookshelves in the Fitness and Heath section, social media overflowing with “New Year, New Me” statuses, and more pictures of kale dishes than leafs in Oprah’s teeth.

New Years resolutions for losing weight/getting healthier range from simple and doable to ‘what was I ever thinking’. This is seen no more clear than the all to popular cleanse, which most have the tendency to be downright crazy.

Coconut Oil Cleanse


While probably one of the simplest cleanses I’ve ever heard about, the coconut oil cleanse takes loving coconut to a whole new level. This cleanse can be done anywhere from 3-7 days, most people claim that they can never get past day 3, where you consume twelve tablespoons of organic coconut oil throughout the day with no other food. The coconut oil cleanse is meant to give your body all the benefits of coconut oil while detoxifying it.

Charcoal Cleanse


Now you’re probably thinking that charcoal is a code word for something, perhaps it’s a cleanse where you only eat framed grilled steaks, but I’m sad to say that it is not. No, this cleanse is the same charcoal your great grandma gave you when you had an upset stomach and doctors use when your have a little too much fun. The idea of the cleanse is this: Along with plenty of water, consume charcoal infused cold-pressed juices (these can be found in Juice Generation).

Any Package Juice Cleanse


I know, I know, juice cleanses are so mainstream now that they could hardly be considered a crazy cleanse. No one seems to bat an eye anymore when someone announces that they are going on a two week cleanse of kale, ginger, and turmeric juice. However, what makes these packaged juice cleanses absolutely crazy is the cleanse itself, but the cost. Packaged juice cleanses, such as Blue Print, Suja, and JUS, can cost anywhere from $99 for 3Days to $650 for a week. I don’t know about you, but I could buy a lot of shoes with that money…

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