Best Eyebrow Makeup

While the queen of brow power, Cara Delevingne, has been taking a small hiatus from the fashion world in order to focus more on her acting career (She’s playing the role of Enchantress in the upcoming DC movie, Suicide Squad), brows have been on the rise. But, unlike when the super thick look was at the height of brow popularity in 2014, this year is focused on full brows. Now, what’s the difference between thick and full brows? Well, a thick brow is just that, a thick brow, while a full brow can be thin and full or thick and full.

It’s kind of like an “All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumb” type of scenario. 

But, like anything in the beauty and fashion world, one size does not fit all (No matter what the tag says!). So take a look at some of the best ways to achieve this look and make those brows fierce.

Brow Powder


Usually in a compact case with two brow shades, brow powders are ideal for brow beginners. The reason for this is because it’s nearly impossible to mess up your brows due to light weighted power. The light weighted brow powder prevents overly done and cartoonish looking brows. When applying, just be sure to dab off any excess before you smooth it onto your brows in short and light strokes.

Brow Pencils

brow-defineWhile brow powders are perfect for people who simply want to fill their brows in, brow pencils are great for those who wish to shape their brows. With the brow pencil, one has the ability to completely redraw their brows into practically any thickness. If you have Clara Bow thin brows and want to achieve Lily Collin thickness, a brow pencil is ideal for the job. Another great thing about brow pencils is that they come in a wide variety of shades.

Brow Pomade


Think of brow pomades as the matte lipstick of the brow makeup world; you always try lip gloss, gloss lipstick, and lip stains before making the leap to matte lipstick. However, just like in the case of matte lipstick, many people end up loving brow pomade after taking that leap. Unlike brow pencils and powders, which have a dry consistency, brow pomade is a thick, liquidy, consistency. The best way to describe it is a really thick lip balm. A brow pomade is great for those who have dark and mostly hard to manage brows due to its ability to keep those little strays in place.

Brow Henna


While I’m sure we’ve all gotten a henna tattoo at some point or another at a fair/amusement park (Tramp stamps were the rage in my days), I’m talking about a different kind of henna. Brow hennas are perfect and a near must for anyone who just doesn’t have the time or can’t be bothered to perfect their brows in the morning. The basis of brow henna is this: A putty is placed on your brows by either yourself or a professional- I recommend a professional- before it is removed, leaving your brows a shade or two darker with sparse patches filled in. They usually last up to a week at a time.


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