Cupcakes for Lifestyle

While the Crumb Bakery empire maybe, well, crumbling and Magnolia Bakery is being overrun by tourist, cupcakes have yet to relinquish their popularity. Look at celebrity Instagrams and cooking shows, such as Cupcake Wars, and you’ll see that the mini cake is still a crowd favorite.

But with all the different foodie lifestyle choices being made today, it can sometimes be difficult to find a cupcake that fits into it. Not just fits into it – I can technically serve you a round piece of rye bread with buttercream on top and call it a cupcake – but also taste absolutely delicious.

So whether you are vegan or paleo, gluten free or weight watchers (yes, most people do consider this a lifestyle), there’s a cupcake for you.

Vegan Cupcake (Cupcake Divas)


One of the best vegan cupcakes I had ever had was at Vegan Divas. Recently featured in Food and Wine, Vegan Divas offer a wide variety of vegan baked goods, ranging from donuts to multi-layered cakes. What makes these cupcakes so great – aside from their killer taste- is that you get to pair your cupcake with whatever icing you want. So mix and match! Their menu also has a section for soy-free items, low-calorie items, and nut-free items.

Weight Watchers Cupcake (NoRA Cupcake Company)


Yes, this cupcake was popular even before Oprah jumped on the Weight Watchers bandwagon. With two locations in Connecticut (Middle Town & West Hartford), NoRA Cupcake Company is one of the few bakeries that carry Weight Watches cupcakes that aren’t premade by the company. The Weight Watcher’s cupcake is a delicious and light pistachio cupcake worth only 4 points. Be sure to stop by and have a taste for yourself and, oh, try their other 99+ flavors while you’re there.

Gluten Free Cupcake (Tu Lu Bakery)


Today, it seems as though everyone is on a gluten free or gluten-restriction diet, whether or not they have any real allergies towards the grain based protein. But, where gluten-free baked goods were once dry and just plain tasteless, bakeries have been getting the memo and have begun to release their own gluten free cupcakes. One of the best bakeries to hop of the gluten free trip is Tu-Lu’s bakery. The beauty of Tu-Lu’s is that everything in the bakery is gluten free, so you don’t need to worry about your gluten free cupcake getting contaminated.

Paleo Cupcake (Squirrel and The Bee)


While I’m willing to bet that our cavemen ancestors never chowed down on a delicious cupcake, that doesn’t mean that today’s cavemen have to go without. Located in Short Hill, NJ, Squirrel & The Bee is a small bakery that’s packed to the brim with paleo goodies. Like the vegan cupcake bakery, you are able to mix and match the icing and cake in this bakery. Be sure to try the Chai Spice cake with the Mocha icing! **Yes, I know that paleo enthusiast try to steer clear from baked goods, but hey, if it was a life or death situation where you NEEDED a cupcake, then this is the place to go**

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