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Bar Shampoo

While the bar shampoo had it’s little ray of sunlight around 2012, it disappeared behind the cloud of the ‘no-poo’ and ‘oil-washing’ trends. Now, after more and more people are coming forward and making the claims that ‘no-poo’ had ruined their hair (Like, really ruined. As in their hair is as dry and brittle as the weeds of the Sahara Desert, dry.), they are starting to look for alternatives to washing their hair.

Because washing your hair with traditional, run of the mill shampoo and conditioner is so 2010.

So, with bar shampoos rising in popularity once more, let us look at some of the pros and cons of this newest beauty trend.



  • Healthier Hair: People who use bar shampoo rave about how it makes their hair shiny, soft, and well, just plain amazing. The reason for this is because most bar shampoos don’t include detergents or chemicals, such as, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, pretty much anything with the word sulfate in it.
  • DIY Opportunity: For those of you who want to know EXACTLY what’s going in your shampoo, that DIY bar shampoos are the ideal product for you. That because bar shampoos can be made in your own home – or you can buy them, no judge – with just a few ingredients. Here’s a link for a great DIY Bar Shampoo
  • Portable: Okay, this may not seem like a big deal now, but trust me when I say that it’s a huge pro. Because bar shampoo is not considered a liquid, you can pack as many as you want in your bag when flying. No more using those itty-bitty little shampoo bottles or worrying about your shampoo bottle exploding all over your suitcase.



  • Build Up: Due to being highly concentrated – which is what causes it’s waxy and solid appearance – most shampoo bars have been shown to cause build up in your hair. For ladies with thin hair, this can cause your hair to look on the flatter side and, for ladies with thick hair, this can cause your hair to look oily around the roots.
  • Tangles: Another con that comes with bar shampoo being highly concentrated is that it has the tendency to cause tangles. For ladies with already thick and curly hair, the concentrated bar soap can cause a coating around the hair, thus giving you both dry and oily patches around your hair.
  • Switch Up: Like the shampoo bar being portable, you may not think that switching up is a big deal. BUT IT IS! Imagine this scenario, your man’s in the shower and uses the bar shampoo, thinking that it was his soap, now you go in and use the same bar on your hair. That’s right. All his grubbiness just went on your hair. You’re welcome for the image.

So, To Bar Shampoo or Not to Bar Shampoo?

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