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Nordic Beauty

While we’ve been asking French women how they stay so slender and Japanese women how they stay so youthful, Nordic women have been sneaking under the radar in terms of beauty secrets.

In an article by Travel Digest, “Top Ten Cities with the Most Beautiful Women”, the magazine ranked Swedish women as top on the list of beauties. And who can blame them? Known for their light coloring – pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes – Nordic women known as some of the most beautiful women due to their innocent and ethereal appearance.

*Nordic Counties are made up of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland*

Danish Secret


The biggest beauty secret of Danish women is what they don’t do. Danish women are all about keeping themselves natural and well groomed. Meaning, no makeup! All they truly need is freshly washed hair -without a bunch of hairspray and styling products- and perfectly shaped brows to pull off their natural look. Even Princess Mary, an absolute stunner, is known for not wearing makeup on a regular basis.

Norwegian Secret


The Norwegian people love their fish. Smoked, roasted, pickled, you name it! They love it. In fact, Norwegian women praise their youthful and glowing skin on their seafood-rich diet, and they would be right to do so. Many fish, such as smoked salmon and pickled herring, are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help to prevent wrinkles and give you a dewy look. The popular Norwegian skin line, Čuvget, has even released a serum using salmon roe.

Finnish Secret


When is comes to the Finns, beauty is all about being subtle. Like Danish women, they don’t wear a lot of makeup or use many products. Instead, they focus on how they smell. In Finland, it’s popular to add perfume to fragrance free lotions in order to achieve your perfect scent. Another popular beauty trick in Finland are saunas, which the Finns are said to use more than any other country due to its ability to rejuvenate one’s skin.

Swedish Secret


While the previous three Nordic countries focused their appearance around looking natural, Swedish women are focusing around using natural ingredients to achieve their ideal look. A common beauty practice in Sweden is eating whey (not the kind you find in protein powders, but the tiny grain like flakes) and rose hip tea. Both contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is absolutely vital for a beautiful complexion. Their favorite was to eat whey? Sprinkle it on top of plain yogurt, which as a boat load of its own beauty tricks.


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