Super Grains off the Radar

After years of people boasting about low-carb diets, such as the Atkins and Dukan diet that was made popular around the world when Duchess Kate Middleton used it to slim for her royal wedding, and the cult-like followers of all raw diets, it’s only now that people are starting to realize something.

Carbs are NOT BAD FOR YOU!


This macronutrient is a down right super vehicle for getting your body keep vitamins and nutrients. Carbs are what give us the steady energy we need to go through our day. Not only that, but carbs are what keep us happy and sane due to the glucose it gives our brain and ability to boost the brain chemical serotonin.

“But wait”, you say, “I know all of this! I eat oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice with lunch, and I’ve never met a sweet potato I didn’ love.”

Well, if you’re one of these people then gold star for you. But life with grains if more that the stereotypical brown rice and oats, so check out some of the greatest underrated grains currently on the market.



A common name for the ancient Khorasan grain, Kamut looks like a mix between barley and long-grain rice. At eleven grams per cup, Kamut is a great source of protein. This grain can also boast a healthy dose of magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Furthermore, Kamut has been shown to lower stress and is an antioxidant.



When they say the best gifts come in small packages, they had Teff in mind. Though tiny in size, this grain contains 10% of your recommended dose of calcium and vitamin C per cup. An added benefit to this grain is that it is 100% gluten free, making it safe for those who are gluten sensitive or celiac. Teff’s also a high resistant starch and these types of starches have been shown to prevent colon cancers.



Eating this grain is like hitting blackjack two times in a row! It has the duo benefit of being both high in protein – four times more than brown rice – and low on glycemic index. This grain is also super beneficial for your colon due to its high fiber content, which as we all know by now, helps to move out that sludge and keep your colon in tip-top shape. Freekeh is also delicious with its smoky flavor.

Red Rice


Now, we got white rice, brown rice, and even black rice, but red rice? Well, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that red rice is the healthiest of all the rices. Long used in Asian countries as a form of holistic medicine, red rice has the nutritional resume to back it up. This grain is used to aid in digestion, spleen health (whoever thought of spleen health?) and blood-circulation. An added bonus of red rice is its ability to lower cholesterol, which is causing it to gain popularity in the states.



A hybrid in the grain family, Triticale is the ‘baby’ of wheat and rye. One of the most recently created grain hybrids – it was created only fifty years ago in the 1960s – Triticale can hold its nutritional own against its ancient family members. This baby grain is a great tool for lowering your cholesterol, more so than barley and farrow, and is high in antioxidants.



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