La Bleach Brow Trend

They say that no canvas is better than a clean canvas.

This is the philosophy that Lady Gaga – chart topper, Emmy winner, monster reigning extraordinaire- lives by when it comes to her brows. In case you’ve been living under a virtual rock for the past couple of days, the pop diva recently revealed that her number one beauty regimen was bleaching her eyebrows every day. That’s right, she The Countess bleaches her eyebrows every single day. But don’t start holding onto your hair for dear life just yet, there’s a reason for Lady Gaga’s bleach madness.


“I bleach my eyebrows every day”, she told Vogue magazine, “I like to keep them light. They’re more versatile for a beauty look. You can draw your eyebrows any way you want when they’re bleached.”

When thinking about Lady Gaga’s many faces of fashion and fearlessness in trying new trends, it’s no wonder that the songstress has a trick like this up her sleeves. By bleaching her eyebrows each day, not only can she create the shape that she wants for each look, but also the color.

However, Lady Gaga isn’t the only one braving the bleach trend.


During the Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Week, Alexander Wang models sported bleach brows as their most daring accessory. Unlike Lady Gaga, these models’ brows were neither penciled nor painted on, but left in their simplistic bleach state.

Bleaching his models’ brows was not only trendy, but ideal for showcasing his dark and gothic inspired designs of this season’s Fashion Week.

But what’s the reason for all this bleaching? Haven’t they joined the Cara Delevinge fan club yet? Well…

“Whenever we see a pop culture trend [like full brows], we start to see a backlash”, says Joey Healy, a New York brow special (Honestly didn’t know those existed) in Women Health magazine. “We’ve been seeing the full, thick brow for so long on the red carpet and at Fashion Week, and oftentimes we’ll start seeing the antithesis pop up.”

So does that mean colored brows will be next on the brow trend list?

What do you think of the bleach brow trend, everyone? Would you be willing to give it a try?


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