Skin Care Around the World

While the United States seems to have its set way of skin care – wash, scrub, toner, mask- other countries have their own skincare secrets. These skincare routines are usually generations old and contain far fewer chemicals than the U.S, using the remedies that have been passed down from great-grandmothers. And it’s no wonder that these remedies are kept in the family! The following countries have been ranked as having the most beautiful skin with skincare taking top priority on beauty lists.


A country that should call itself the model maker of the world, it’s no wonder that Brazil has a few skin tricks up its sleeves. Coconut water is a popular trick, with Adriana Lima saying she drinks a glass a day, due to its anti-aging and hydrating effects. Another trick that the locals use is sand. It’s a great exfoliator, but we should note that the best way to do this is to sit in the ocean water rather than rubbing yourself with sand, which can be harsh against sensitive skin.



The Russian beauty is downright iconic in most countries. They walk the Paris runways, are featured in films as femme fatal in their own right, and have the ability to carry an air of ‘I don’t care. I woke up like this’. So, what’s the skin secrets of those Russian beauties? A popular skin secret among Russian women are their trips to the bathhouse, also known as the banya. With these trips, they cleanse their skin and deep clean their pores with the steam of the bathhouse. Steam is one of the most gentle ways to cleanse your skin and there is no chance of any left behind cleanser residue.



When it comes to Japanese women, it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between grandmothers and granddaughters. This is a nation that is known for its youthful appearance and pride on skin beauty. To achieve their amazing skin, Japanese women use green tea and pearl dust. For skin benefits, green tea can either be consumed or applied. By applying it directly to the skin, green tea ca help to tone and lessen the appearance of dark spots. With the pearl dust, Japanese women often make it into a paste with water or yogurt and apply it to the skin like a face mask to whiten and tighten their skin.



Surprise, surprise! When it comes to Italian woman and their skin secrets, it all comes down to a good francese sauce. Just kidding! But there is some truth to this. Some of the most popular skin beauty trick in Italy actually contain components of francese sauces (a lemon sauce that usually goes over chicken and pasta). For getting rid of blemishes, Italian women apply garlic to the area. This is because garlic is an anti-bacterial food, meaning that it helps to destroy the acne created by bacterial. Italian women also use a popular face cleaner of fresh lemon juice and olive oil; a double team that helps to clean and moisturize skin.



Like the rest of the nordic countries, Swedish women have been ranked as having some of the most amazing skin. This is due to their diet filled with oily fish, such as herring, and whole foods. A common beauty practice in Sweden is eating whey (not the kind you find in protein powders, but the tiny grain like flakes) and rose hip tea. Both contain high amounts of vitamin C, which is absolutely vital for a beautiful complexion. Their favorite way to eat whey? Sprinkle it on top of plain yogurt, which has a boatload of its own beauty tricks.


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