Kiddie Fashion

No, I don’t mean outfits that you can dress your adorable four-year-old niece in. I’m talking about clothes and accessories that are perfect for the little kid in you. You know, that part of you who just wants to wear a Parisian-inspired striped top with a ballerina styled powder pink skirt and combat boots. The part of you that you rarely let out because it’s not *gasp* in fashion and you’re trying to ‘adult’ it. Ya, that’s the part I’m talking about.

But there’s just nothing better than bringing out the kid in you and have a taste of nostalgia. Those Little Debbie commercials with the mini donuts seem to have the same idea. So check out these newest fashion lines and watch out for the throwback wiplash.

Princess Power


Princesses were the stars of last week’s Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2016 fashion show. While designers usually try to give a subtle nod to an inspiration, there was no subtility during this show. Filled with story books to carriages to forest creatures scurrying around, Dolce & Gabbana seemed to pull out all the major elements of fairytales. The models themselves wore outfits such as an icy blue dress, inspired by Cinderella, and dresses with a mirror stitched in reading, “Who Is The Most Beautiful?”

Double Trouble


Never to shy away from making childhood favorites a fashion reality, Jeremy Scott focused an entire fashion line around the characters Ren and Stimpy. These two mischevious characters are major icons of the Nickoloedan world with their 90’s show, The Ren and Stimpy Show. Much like his Mario Brother inspired line from earlier this year, which featured Mario and the rest of the Moschino gang, Scott made them the stars of the line. Along with the characters’ faces plaster on all of the pieces, the line uses all the elements of 90’s fashion, from colors to cuts to geometric shapes.

What’s Your Mood


It just wouldn’t be a childhood throwback list without including Lady Gaga, the ultimate queen of perfecting the styles you wished you could still pull off well into your twenties. And, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to pull off a mood ring since I was in junior high. But that’s just what Lady Gaga did during her tribute performance for David Bowie last month. Along with her flaming hair and sequined outfit, the songstress wore two large mood rings, which changed colors throughout her performance. So, I don’t know about you, but I hope mood rings will be making a comeback!

I Want Candy


There’s just nothing in the world that screams ‘childhood throwback’ than a big ole’ closet of candy. Or a reference to an Aaron Carter song. Like Little Debbie, a big name designer is using the lure of your inner child’s sweet tooth to lure you in. Featured in London’s Fashion Weeks, the designer, Ashish, created a line inspired by candy coloring. All of the models wore cotton candy like wigs, aka fairy floss, while wearing outfits such as a bubble gum dress and a grape flavored lollipop jacket.




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