Bizarre Nail Trends

It’s no secret that trends come in packages good and bad. No secret that there are some trends-more trends than we might care to admit-that are better left never seen by the public or worn by the ‘fashionistas’.

Cause we have a been there, done that. You know what I’m talking about. You’re just flipping through Instagram, minding your own business, when post after post is of a new hairstyle, new necklace design, new cut of a dress. Then those few post on Instagram become ought right trends no matter how bizarre.

While 2015 was dubbed the year of bizarre hair trends -how many women shaved half their heads?- 2016 is all about the nails.

Check out some of 2016’s most bizarre nail trends that just need to go.

The reasons for the demise of these nail trends range from them being impractical to being uncomfortable to just being unsightly.

Duck Feet Nail


Furry Nail


Pom Pom Nails


Bubble Nails


Steampunk Nails


Come on, Ladies. Let’s up the nail game!


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