Flying in Style

Fully charged iPad? Check!

Bag of mostly M&M trail mix? Check!

Bucket of extra duty hand sanitizer? Check!!

With spring breakers traveling in herds to any place with a beach, DJ and cheap drinks, and parents traveling with their children for family vacation, the biggest issue is alway traveling.


Sure, you can’t wait to hit the beaches of Cancun, but what about that four-hour flight from New York? I bet you can’t wait to take pictures with your favorite Disney character, but what about the six-hour plane ride to Disney World from California?

Traveling is the worst part of vacation, so check out how to make those long flights just a little more bearable.

Raden Cases


Recently featured in Glamour magazine, these suitcases are for the tech lovers, without needing to be tech savvy. These bags come with a built in scale, so there will be no more awkwardly opening your bag in front of everyone to lighten your 51lb bag, USB charging outlets, TSA approved locks, and waterproof sealers along the zippers. Coming in two sizes, a carry on (22″) and a check (28″), these bags come in a sleek appearance with a hard outer layer and an arrange of different colors.

Facial Spray 


There’s just nothing worst than stepping off the plane with your skin a disaster. Due to pressure and the recycled air, aka dirt particles swimming around like no one’s business, skin has the tendency to get dry, blotchy, and break out. To prevent this, be sure to bring facial spray with you and give yourself the occasional spritz. Facial sprays are ideal for flying due to their ability to add moisture back into your skin and create a shield to protect your skin from dirt particles. While most facial sprays will do, try going for the all natural kinds, a popular one is Mario Badescu Facial Spray.

The Evolution Pillow


Now, this pillow may not be winning any beauty contest, but that does diminish the fact that it’s the best pillow of traveling. Found on Amazon, the Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow is amazing for travelings on planes and a favorite among frequent travelers. Due to its thickness, this pillow prevents your neck from dangling at awkward angles, thus preventing future neck pain. Another bonus to this travel pillow is that the memory foam can be adjusted to your desired density, so you have the perfect fit.

Travel Flask


Yes, yes, the airports may have limited you to 3ozs of liquid, which must be placed in plastic bags and placed in your suitcase, but they never said anything about bringing an empty flask pass security. I’m sensing a huge loophole here and I’m about to jump through it. So, for those of you who need to calm their flying jitters or just want to take a few swings cause the baby in front of you has never ending lungs, brings a flask with you and fill up once past security. You can either purchase the alcohol at an airport bar, or, you can fill those 3oz packs with your poison of choice. Any flask will do, just be sure that it’s an extra sealent brand so that their is no spillage or smell.




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