Leg Contouring

When it comes to the world of makeup, there are three things that we can always count on.

1.) Liquid eyeliners- which I am convinced was created by the devil- will test every ounce of patience in your body.

2.) Kylie Jenner will walk out with a new hair color.

And 3.) Contouring is the Loki (aka, the trickster north god) of the makeup world.

Whether celebrities are wearing it on the red carpet- you KNOW they’re wearing it for photo shoots- or beauty bloggers are giving you step by step guides on how to create the ‘perfect face’, contouring is everywhere. And why shouldn’t it be? Contouring is great. It helps you shape your face and bring out your best features.By contouring, a person can walk out of the house runway ready without having to put a dab of lipstick on.


But, while facial contouring was all the rage (it still kind of is), there’s a new kind of contouring that trending: Leg Contouring.

Leg contouring is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when you, well, contour your legs with the use of bronzers and highlighters. However, while contouring your face tends to make your features look sharper and more ‘polished’, leg contouring is meant to give your legs an athletic appearance. By contouring your legs, you can transform them from soft and pale to solid and tan.


But now for the downside of the trend.

While it is easy to contour the front of your legs – at least compared to contouring your face – contouring the back of your legs is a whole new story. For those of you who are not blessed with the gift of eyes behind your head, you’re going to have to recruit a close friend to put bronzer under your booty. Another itty bitty bump in the road is the fact that you are going to be running through your contouring makeup like crazy. Cause, I don’t know about you guys, but my legs are long and it would take a good pack and a half of bronzer to cover them.

With the warm weather coming, contouring is the perfect way to get your legs ready for shorts and dresses. Just be sure to buy waterproof highlighter and bronzer when going to the beach!



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