Celebrities Try Their Hand In Makeup

While the early 2010s saw a wave of celebrity created perfumes (you know, the ones that you could find in those brightly colored bottles that smelled strangely familiar to flower, candy, and rubbing alcohol),  and there was a short stint of celebrity nail polish -you can thank Justin Bieber for that-a new wave of celebrity inspired/created beauty lines are on their way.

Due to an increase in the popularity of makeup brought on by YouTube makeup gurus and, let’s admit it, Kylie Jenner, celebrities are running to the lab (you create makeup in a lab, right?) to come up with their own makeup line. Thankfully, these makeup lines seem to have  more maturity in them than a flower perfume in a hot pink bedazzled bottle.

Katy Perry 


While her clothing style tends to be on the ‘kooky’ side, Perry’s makeup has always been an envious mix of classic and edgy. Now, we mere mortals are able to replicate her makeup looks. Partnered up with Cover Girl, Katy Perry’s makeup line is as bold and fun as her songs. The collection is mostly centered around lipstick- 13 demi-matte shades- and a few pieces of mascara. However, the best part of this collection are the names of the lipstick shades. Crimson Cat, anyone?


rihanna bnbnb

Between her comeback tour being in full swing and releasing chart-topping songs every couple of weeks, it seems RiRi has her work, work, work, work, work, cut out for her. But that hasn’t stopped her from jumping on the bandwagon of celebrity makeup launchers. Her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, is set to hit Sephora in 2017. For those of you who don’t know, Fenty is the singer’s last name. While the details of her collection haven’t been released yet,  we can only hope that it’s just as amazing as her collaboration with MAC. Be warned, her line is only temporary, so you got to work, work, work, work, work, your way over to Sephora before it’s all out.

Victoria Beckham


This former Spice Girl practically dominated the fashion scene a few years back, so what’s to say she can’t dominate the makeup scene? Nothing, that’s what, nothing. Known for her keen sense of style, Estée Lauder reached out to the star to collaborate a makeup line with her. Though there hasn’t been a public release as to what the makeup line will include, fans are speculating that it will be heavily based off of Victoria Beckham’s personal style. Meaning, there will be no short supply of eyeliners, mascaras, and all the colors of a copper rainbow. In the wake of Estée Lauder’s legal battle, this may just be what the fashion powerhouse needs.

Beyonce? I know you’re probably busy touring, running an empire, ruling the world, and sharpening your hot sauce bat, but do the world a service and create a makeup line. Be thanks from everyone who ever existed.

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