Beauty Techniques Alert

While it goes without saying that new seasons brings new beauty trends, these trends are almost always reserved for seasonal colors, clothing styles, and which piece of jewelry is being rocked by Beyonce. But this Spring, there’s a slight tweak to the game of beauty trends. Rather than corals and rose gold jewelry taking center stage -no matter how much I want to wear all the rose gold in the world- it’s beauty techniques that are taking center stage.


Sure, we can’t help but to talk about those strip, microplats, and sequins that are currently trending. Admire them as we flip through magazines and plan out our own outfits with these trends front and center. But we all know that the real fashion talk starts with what we put on our face, rather than our bodies.

Blame it on the countouring trend…

Ombre Lips


This is what happenes when the internet combines the ombre hair trends and Kylie Jenner’s lips. While both are great on their own, together, they make one hell of a beauty technique. The concept of ombre lips is simple. Like ombre hair, which as we all know, starts with dark roots that smoothly transitions into a lightened shade, ombre lips is when a bright/light shade is applied to the inner crease of the lip and a darker shade is applied to the remaining area of the lips. With this beauty technique, you can give the illusion of bigger lips without the costly injections.



When it comes to strobing, think of this beauty technique as the little sister of contouring. She’s subtle and trying to fight out of her older sister’s shadow, but always their to shine when needed. While contouring is based upon the application of a bronzer and highlighter, which is used to create contouring shadows on the face, highlighting utilises just highlighter. By applying highlighter to the tops of your NATURAL cheekbones, bridge of your nose, indent of your chin, and the area between your eyes, you are able to bring your face foward and give it a contoured look without all the extra makeup on your face. The best highlighter for strobing are cream based since it adds to the dewy look and is easier to blend.



Once again, it all started with a selfie by a Kardashian. For those of you who are unaware of the concept behind sand bagging, it’s simply to keep your lipstick and eyeliner from runnning down your face or fluttering. Using a loose powder of your choice (the best kind to use is your everyday finishing powder), apply it to the skin surrounding the corners of your lips and under your eyes. Think of this powder as a border when your apply the powder, no makeup will past it. After application, apply the rest of your makeup as your normally would. With this beauty technique, you can prevent your makeup from smudging, therefore creating a longer lasting look. However, it should b

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