Banana Ice Cream

For those of you who aren’t lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive, the struggle during summer is real.

While dairy can easily be avoided during the colder seasons, this little ball of lactose seems to be in every cold treat one would enjoy in hot weather. Smoothies, yogurt, frappucinos, ice cream, etc. The list of cream treats can go on and on.


But what can you do if lactose/dairy just has no place in your diet? Recently, soy and nut milk have been linked to various forms of cancer. *No, if you take a sip of soy milk every once in a while it will not cause cancer. I’m talking about having soy yogurt for breakfast, almond milk smoothie for lunch, and soy milk alfredo sauce for dinner, kind of consumption.* And it’s rare to find coconut milk that doesn’t come with a bucket load of additives and chemicals.

So what to do when that ice cream craving hits? Banana Ice Cream!

Not only is banana ice cream a delicious and dairy free way to enjoy ice cream, but it contains all the nutrients of a banana. Antioxidants, potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and the list goes on and on. And who doesn’t want to get ride of their fruit serving while eating ice cream?


Banana Ice Cream Recipe


  • 4 Bananas


1.) Peel the bananas and cut into inch thin slices. Place in plastic baggie or layout on a parchment paper covered sheet tray.

2.) Put in freezer and allow to freeze until almost frozen solid. You want the banana slices to have a little softness to them so that your blender doesn’t break down under the pressure of the rock hard frozen bananas.

3.) Place frozen bananas in a blender and blend until smooth. For added taste, you can add in a few drops of vanilla extract or honey. Place in a bowl and enjoy!


Bonus: Add-Ins To Create Different Flavors

Cookies & Cream: Crushed oreo cookies and fudge sauce

Pistachio: Pistachio butter, chopped pistachio pieces, and honey

Rocky Road: Dark chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, and walnuts

Moose Tracks: Peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips, and fudge sauce.






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