Home Remedies for Frizz

The warm weather has come and, with it, enough humidity that you can drink the air. You can probably get one of your recommended eight glasses a day just by sitting outside. But nobody enjoys sitting outside while it’s humid. And why would they? Humidity is a thorn in the side of every woman during the warmer months. It makes your skin breakout. It ruins your favorite blouse with certain stains. It makes you curse the day that bras were invented.


It makes your hair rival Mufasa’s main from the Lion King in ‘poofiness’.

According to a poll by Glamour, which asked women how their hair was effected by humidity, 41% said that humidity increased the frizziness of their hair with 26% saying that it made their hair curlier.


So, if you’re anything like myself and these women, your hair is less than perfect when it comes to the hot and humid seasons. And, let me guess. You’ve tried every hair care product designed to fight frizz and ‘tame’ curls brought on by humidity. In my experience, these products rarely work. Usually, they will just give you an oily scalp with hair bushes from your ear-line down.

However, home remedy haircare has been rising in popularity.

Carbon Water


Due to carbon water’s extremely low pH balance, it helps to fight frizz by placing pressure on carbon dioxide gases when coming in contact with humidity. Think of it as natures way of smoothing down your frizz. While your hair wants to poof out because of humidity, the carbon dioxide gases have a way of pushing your hair back down. To use carbon water for your hair, simply rinse your hair with it after conditioning or spray a little on your hair with a spray bottle. Note: For those with naturally oily scalps or thin hair, be sure to leave the top of your head untouched.

Banana & Yogurt


While banana and yogurt sounds like a tasty breakfast, this combo is great for fighting frizz. The potassium in bananas helps to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage (something that occurs when your hair becomes frizzy from humidity), while the protein in yogurt helps to bind split hairs together. To use banana and yogurt to fight frizz, blend the two together and apply the mixture as you would a hair mask. Leave on for about an hour.

Coconut Milk


While there’s no short supply of coconut hair products on the market, it’s safe to say that these products contain as much real coconut as a rock in your backyard. So the best way to use coconut milk for your hair is to go out and buy yourself a real coconut. Don’t worry, in today’s world coconuts can be found in every major food market. When using a real coconut, you are able to get the full, undiluted amount of fat found in the coconut. This MUFA fat is great for taming frizz and giving your hair shine. To use coconut milk for your hair, drain the coconut water from the nut and scrap out a few pieces of the flesh. Blend these together until smooth and rub a LITTLE on your hair as a leave in conditioner. Remember, a little of this stuff goes a LONG WAY.



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