Apple Beauty

We’ve heard of beauty routines that contain cinnamon (cinnamon face mask, cinnamon hair exfoliations, and – the all too popular – cinnamon spot treatment). We’ve also heard about brown sugar beauty tricks – brown sugar face scrub, anyone? – along with nutmeg undereye treatment, butter (grass fed!) teeth pulling, and lemon juice skin brightener.

It seems that with all our DIY beauty tips and tricks going around, we’ve got ourselves a recipe for apple pie. But wait! We forgot the most important ingredient of all. We’ve forgotten the apples.

Despite their unknown rep as beauty mega stars, an apple is a great and versatile ingredient to add to any DIY beauty routine.

Hair Growth


Due to a vitamin in apples called Procyanidin B-2, this Autumn fruit is great for hair growth. The science behind this is procyanidin B-2 has a way of controlling the protein molecules found in a person’s hair and influence them to grow. To do this at home, grate an apple, warm it in the microwave, and apply it to your scalp.

Clear Skin


Apple juice – FRESH apple juice – is a great component to facial cleansers. This is due to the fruit’s high concentration of natural fruit acid. Because of this NFA, apple juice is apple to clean deep within your pores, rid your face of dead skin cells, and leave you with a beautiful glow. To make an apple face cleanser, simply combine 2 part fresh apple juice with 1 part whole milk before washing with the mixture.

Keeping them Pearly


While an apple a day can keep the doctor away, did you know the same can be said for the dentist? Due to a component in apples called Malic Acid, an ingredient found in most teeth whiteners for its ability to dissolve stains, these fruits are great for keeping your teeth white. The action of chewing an apple also helps to remove excess food between your teeth and bacteria. All you have to do is eat an apple a day!

Reducing Wrinkles 


When it comes to wrinkle reducing fruits & veggies, apples get the short end of the stick in terms of popularity. And they shouldn’t. Consuming and applying grated green apples are great ways to prevent and reduce wrinkles. This is due to the fruit’s nutritious components of vitamin A, B, C, E, as well as fiber pectin and quercetin. All of these help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin cells. They’re also known to reduce acne scars and blemishes.




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