Celeb Beauty Tips: Debunked

As ‘mere morals’, we’re constantly looking towards celebrities for multiple things. We look towards them to entertain us with their talent. We focus on their personal problems and feuds as a way to ignore our own boring lives. But, seemingly above all, we look to celebrities to show us how to be beautiful.

*Raise your hand if you ever googled: “Celebrity Beauty Tricks.”*

I know I’ve made that search before. Plenty – countless – times in the past. Heck! My entire high school life consisted of me trying to find the perfect celeb tip for my acne. But I never did and, in the end, I learned the hard way that not all celebrity beauty tips work. It doesn’t matter what movie they’re in or how shiny their hair is.

So, it’s time to debunk some celebrity ‘swear by’ beauty tips and tricks!

Mariah Carey: Adding Peppermint Oil to Lipgloss.


There are indeed benefits to adding peppermint oil to your lipgloss. Like cinnamon, peppermint has the ability to enhance the circulation of the area that it was applied to. Due to the enhanced circulation, your lips will experience more blood flow and will achieve a poutier look.

Personal Opinion: Add the peppermint oil to the lipgloss you use for special occasions. Using peppermint on a daily basis can cause irritation and redness to your lips and the surrounding area.

Eva Longoria: Face Cream made by Placenta 


This is the age-old case of people thinking the youth of one person can help the aging of another. Elizabeth Bathory, anyone? Anyway, there is currently no scientific evidence that applying or eating placenta will cause your skin to look younger and firmer. And no, there is no evidence that it can help your face to produce more collagen.

Personal Opinion: Leave the placenta alone. This beauty trend is more baseless than those 1950’s vibrating booty belts.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Bee Stings on Inflammed Areas


Like most holistic remedies and beauty tricks, there are many people who swear by it and not a lot of scientific evidence to back it up. However, the Queen of Holistic, aka miss Paltrow, may be on to something. Due to the healing properties found in organic honey, it wouldn’t be a far-fetched idea for bee venom to contain some of those properties.

Personal Opinion: Use with caution! Though you could be one of those lucky people who swears by the sting, you could also be one of the 40 people who die from allergic reactions to bees a year. This is a case of ‘you live by the sting, you die by the sting’.

Alessandra Ambrosio: Burning Off Split Ends


Called Velaterapia, this Brazilian hair treatment is when your split ends are burned off by an open flame. However, one doesn’t only burn off the split ends, but they burn off the hair almost halfway to the root. According to an article in Woman’s Health, experts discuss their opinions on the method and none of them are happy about it. Jet Rhys, the owner of Jet Rhys Salon, said, “It doesn’t make sense. Split ends happen on the bottom edge of the hair, not through the entire strand.”

Personal Opinion: If you only want to trim your split ends, steer clear of any flames. However, if you are willing to taking 6-8 inches off of your hair for a new look, then go for it. Velaterapia seems to be a one time thing just so people can experience it.


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