Foundation Tricks

Forget about liquid eyeliner and contouring.  Foundation is the hardest makeup to apply— CORRECTLY. The reason for this is because there are so many ways for your foundation to get messed up during the application process. You can use a shade that’s too dark or too light against your skin tone. You can use powder on a humid day and get – dare I say it? – clay face. You can forget to blend out your jawline and look like you’re wearing a fleshy Halloween mask.

And we’ve heard all the basic tips.

Make sure your pick a color that matches your skin tone, never use powder if you have really dry skin, apply your concealer BEFORE you apply your foundation, etc.

But what about some lesser known tips to get you that photo ready finish?

Rose Water

After applying your foundation, use rose water in replacement of a store bought finishing spray. Not only is rose water cheap – you can make it at home – but it doesn’t contain the chemicals that are found in most finishing sprays, which have a tendency to dry out your skin.

  • Rose Water Recipe: Take two cups of dried roses and allow to steep in hot water for 15min. Remove from water and strain. 

Coconut Oil

Rich in omega-3, coconut oil is an amazing healthy fat (MUFA) that works wonders on your skin. So it’s no surprise that coconut oil and foundations seem to work well together. To use coconut oil, mix a few drops of the healthy fat into your foundation of choice (only liquid foundation!) and apply your foundation as you usually would. This will give you a dewy finish, even coverage, and smoother skin.

Beauty Blender

While this has probably – okay, I KNOW – that it’s been covered by bloggers and YouTubers, but here we go. When it comes to applying your foundation, always use a beauty blender. They use – aka, waste! – a lot less foundation. They give you a cleaner and more air touch finish. They prevent you from getting those ghastly streaks. Ladies, you know what foundation streaks I’m talking about. Plus, theses are usually much cheaper that any foundation brush.


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