Getting Rid of Water Weight

When it comes to the week leading up to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show – which aired yesterday and can be seen HERE – there are three things that you are almost guaranteed to see.


1.) Instagram will be loaded with ‘no makeup’ selfies of Victoria Secret models. Which – let’s be honest – don’t really evoke body image and self-esteem like they are intended to do.

2.) Health and beauty blogs will be filled with articles such as “Victoria’s Secret Angels Reveal Their Diet Secrets”, Train Like an Angel: Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima Reveals the Five Workouts Moves to get a Body Like Hers,and my personal favorite “BREAKING: New Victoria Secret Model Has Stretch Marks”

And, finally…

3.) Victoria Secret Angels confess that their number one – or, at least, one of their number one – priorities is to lose water weight. Aka, cutting out water days before the show, sweating it out in saunas, performing colonics, etc.

So, in honor of the 21st Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show, here are some of the best ways for the average woman to shed some water weight. Because – let’s be honest – no one feels comfortable walking around with an extra ten pounds of water weight. Personally,  it makes me feel like a dish sponge…

Hyrdarting Smoothie


Yes, I know. A hydrating smoothie sounds pretty counterprodutive for someone looking to lose water weight, but keeping properly hydrating is said to be one of the best ways to prevent your body from storing excess water. When your body is properly hydrated, it’s less likely to hold onto extra water as a survival source. The best way to do this – aside from drinking water – is by consuming a lot of water rich fruits and veggies, which can easily be consumed in the form of a smoothie.

Best Fruits and Veggies (water %)

  • Watermelon (94%)
  • Cantaloupe (90%)
  • Pinapple (87%)
  •  Cucumber (96%)
  • Celery (95%)
  • Spinach (92%)

Espom Salt Baths


There’s just nothing better than a nice hot bath at the end of a long day to relax your body and mind. But espom salt baths are a cut above the rest. Not only are espom salt baths great for easing aching muscles (they help to reduce inflammation), but they are great for getting rid of extra water weight. The reason for this is because espom salt is actually magnesium sulfate, which is known for absorbing water, including excess water within the body. Just soak in a hot tub with 2-3 cups of espom salt for twenty minutes to enjoy the effects of it.

Disclaimer: Be sure to use an espom salt bath only a couple times a week. Constantly dehydrating the body can be very dangerous and this method should only be used when needed. 

Drink Some Tea


I have never been- and never will be – a person who advocates for those Skinny Teas the Kardashians seem to drink buckets of. However, I am a HUGE fan ofusing  regualar – I can buy it in asian markets and organic stores – teas as homiopathic remedies. For quick water weight, the best teas for ridding yourself of excess water weight are oolong, blacktea, and pu-erh tea (a stronger version of black tea). These teas are the best for water weight because they have the highest concentration of caffeine, which has been shown to help the body shed extra water. Hint Hint: This is why you constantly need to use the rest room after having too many cups of coffee.

Bonus Tips

  • Sweat it out while working out
  • Take Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Potassium

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