Of Men and Makeup

It’s no surprise that when it comes to the makeup industry men have the tendency to be brushed under the rug.

We don’t follow male makeup artists on social media like we do female makeup artists. While Michelle Phan has over 8 MILLION subscribers for her YouTube channel, Jeffree Star only has 3 million YouTube subscribers. (Which, don’t get me wrong, most people would kill for that big of a following. But it’s still 5 million less than Phan).

And outside the world of social media is no better.


It was only this year that the USA announced that a male would be the face of a major makeup brand. Check out Cannizzo Clutch’s article on James Charles —> CoverBoy

Even BuzzFeed, who is known and celebrated for its stance on gender equality, included only a single male in its list of The 18 Coolest Makeup Artist to Follow on Instagram. 

There are still men who are fighting for their place in the makeup world. Men who are fighting to show the world that makeup and men can mix like a good highlighter and foundation. Blend, darling. BLEND.

British Makeup Campaigns


When Georgie Aldous – an English makeup artist who proudly displays his lipstick selfies on Instagram – realized that not a single British makeup brand is represented by a male cover model, he did something about it. The 18-year-old contacted multiple makeup companies in order to figure out just why a man has yet to be placed on a campaign. But when he couldn’t find the answer he was searching for, Aldous took action a created a petition on Change.org, where he called for major British makeup companies to include men in their campaigns.

Aldous said, “As a man that wears makeup, when I enter a store to see just women plastered everywhere and no men in sight, it does hurt me. It makes you feel like you shouldn’t be wearing it because you don’t see men wearing it on the stands and adverts.

Jon Hamm Keeps it Real 

Jon Hamm

For those of you who have watched Mad Men, Jon Hamm is seen as the powerful executive, the womanizer and….a makeup advocate?

One of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood isn’t how women get their bodies back two weeks post-delivery. No. The best-kept secret is that all (okay, most) of the men are wearing makeup. And Jon Hamm is keeping is real.

In an article by Refinery29, Hamm said, “It’s funny when guys don’t like to talk about makeup. I’m like, ‘You know you’re wearing makeup, right?’ We all are.”

Thanks for keeping it real Hamm.

Big Business in South Korea


In South Korea, men wearing makeup isn’t just a passing fad or reserved for only a small minority of the population. It’s a huge money-making industry. Like many Asian countries, South Koreans believe that the skin is the key to looking attractive. And what better way to get perfect skin then to apply the perfect foundation… and concealer…and highlighter…and bronzer…and, well you get the idea.

According to The Associated Press, South Korean men spent over $495 million on makeup in 2016, which is a number that’s expected to rise in 2017.

Even the men in South Korea’s military are catching onto the idea of men wearing makeup. An article in the Sydney Morning Herald wrote, “This experience is so common that one cosmetics brand makes its own SPF50 military camouflage, which is gentler than the army issued gunk.”

Maybe HE’S Born with It


Following just a few months after CoverGirl announced James Charles as the newest face of their makeup campaign – aka, the first male to ever be included in a big name makeup brand – Maybelline is joining the club.

Manny Gutierrez, also known as Manny Mua, has been announced as the newest face of Maybelline.

But this won’t be the first time Mua has a chance to show off his makeup skills. The makeup artist can boast 3 million subscribers on Instagram and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. On YouTube, he films makeup tutorials, which focuses on ‘boy beauty’.

Mau was featured in Maybelline’s “Boss Life” campaign, which promoted Maybelline’s Big Shot Mascara, with fellow beauty blogger, Shayla Mitchell.


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