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Top 5 Unknown Supplements

Everybody knows about the basic vitamin and supplements.

We’re told to take calcium supplements to get strong bones and teeth, Omega 3 supplements for good heart health. Take vitamin C if we want our immune system to run at tone speed and pop a magnesium supplement if your digestion track is giving you some issues. Iron supplements is a go-to for anemics and vitamin B-Complex is great for a boost of energy.

But what about the other 10oo+ vitamins and supplements found in the health aisle?

Here are just a few supplements that are overlooked.

*Disclaimer: I am a firm believer that food is a person’s greatest medicine. However, I also believe that there’s no harm in getting a little help from a supplement.*

Red Yeast Rice


Great for lowering high cholesterol, Red Yeast Rice supplements are great for people who are looking for an alternative to prescription cholesterol drugs. For those who wish to lower their cholesterol through a most holistic method, Red Yeast Rice is a great way to go about doing it. Many of the active ingredients in this supplement are the same as prescription cholesterol drugs, only without all the extra ingredients and high cost.

Saw Palmetto


While it’s most popularly known as being a supplement that aids in men’s prostate health (I know, I know. But keep reading), it has also been shown to help women in other aspects of their life. Saw Palmetto is great for respiratory and female hormonal health. So if you want to breathe just a little easier during your workouts and gain a more ‘feminine’ physic (Saw Palmetto has been shown to increase hip and breast size without increasing waist size) than you may want to consider adding this supplement to your daily regimen.


resveratrol-250mg-bottle_Do you ever wonder just WHY a food is considered an antioxidant? You can’t just slap that title on any fruit and call it a super food. For a fruit or vegetable to be considered an antioxidant by medical standards, they must include the compound, Resveratrol. This compound is mostly found in the skins of grapes (because only monsters peel grapes before eating them) and berries. But for those of you who aren’t berry fans, a great way to get your dose of antioxidants is to take a Resveratrol supplement. Oh, and it’s also found in red wine.



Naturally found in water (I know. I had no idea too) and some foods, Selenium contains a wide range of benefits, which range from getting rid of dandruff to preventing cancer. Aka, this supplement is a powerhouse. Selenium has been shown to prevent and treat ailments, such as infertility, asthma, arthritis, and dandruff, amongst other things. And though this is still up for debate in the medical industry, Selenium is also said to help prevent prostate and lung cancer.

Valerian Root


Not to be mistaken with Valyrian Steel (Still waiting for the sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, George), Valerian Root is an excellent supplement for those who suffer from sleep disorders. Similar to melatonin – a popular sleeping supplement that can be found in most convenience stores – Valerian Root helps the body to become relaxed and fall into a natural sleep, unlike prescription sleeping medication that seems to knock you out. Valerian Root is also beneficial for those with anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue.

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